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Passport Size Photo


Obtaining a genuine passport is an essential requirement before one is allowed to step into another territory.



The process of acquiring the passport is the easy part, but the course that needs to be tracked when preparing the requirements makes the task exciting, but difficult.


Among the requirements is the right passport size photo. Without it the aim for a passport will never be made possible.


Although there is no international standard imposed on the size of the photo needed for a passport, it is still very important that one must be able to provide what is required. Each country requires a different size of photograph which makes it a little tricky.


But in most cases, a passport size photo can be 2” X 2” in size. For US standards, 2” X 2” a passport photo size is needed. Canada and the European Union require slightly different sizes.


Passport photos are required for new applications, renewal, replacement of lost passport, or request for a second passport. Other requirements such as application form and fees are also needed for the same purpose.


Cutting an old image with the required paper measurement just to comply with the requirements is simply not the best solution. Aside from the required photo size, the dimension of the captured image must also conform to what is asked by the passport agency.


Ideally, the face must measure 1” to 1 3/8” from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. This is basically true to agencies requiring 2x2 passport size photo. So, aside from giving the agency the accurate measurement of the photograph they need, the image must also be acceptable to their standard.


Addressing the need to comply with the right passport size photo does not end one’s struggle to acquiring a passport. The photo submitted must be the latest detail of the applicant, preferably taken within the past 6 months. The image should reflect the applicant during appearance. Older photos will definitely be rejected despite being of the right size.


To free oneself from the trouble of meeting the required passport size photo, it is advisable to ask the help of professionals who have the authority in this area. They should be able to assist applicants with their needs including the required image type and the photo size. Hiring the service of a professional will only require few bucks, but should generate good results for the application.



 passport size photo

 passport size photos

 passport photo size

For those wishing to process the photos themselves, it is strongly recommended to consider the balance of the image’s lightness and exposure. This is a common area where most applicants fail to comply. Darker and obscured photographs are normally rejected, making the whole process of preparing the requirements futile.


Personally preparing photos can be time consuming and frustrating. However, a simple guide in cutting and preparing the photos should loosen some worries and prevent wrinkles. In addition to it, applicants processing their own photos are advised to follow the guidelines imposed on digital printing.




 passport photos

 passport size photograph

 passport size photo


Images should not contain any edited portion that may invalidate the photo. Lastly, to reach with the required passport photo size with 2” X 2” measure, a trimmer is needed. Cutting the image with scissors or a cutter can be too risky for the job.


Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for preparing the passport application, and for the government processing, before embarking of your flights and travel. Good luck with your passport size photos!




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